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       Carl J. Muraco is an attorney at Law, he works at a full service law firm which prides itself on its dedication and service to each of its clients.  He is a Partner at Azoulay Weiss LLP and maintains his own clients from start to finish on all matters.  Mr. Muraco is very selective with the clients and cases in which he chooses to represent.  This careful consideration regarding representation allows the firm to maintain an extremely personal relationship with each client.   Mr. Muraco works with each client from the beginning to the end creating a working environment of availability and accessibility.    

Carl J. Muraco, Esq.  


          Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Muraco is a true New Yorker who loves his city and knows it well.  He currently resides and works out of the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn.  As a lifetime New Yorker, Mr. Muraco knows the ins and outs of the city including the laws as well as the practical realities of the city.       


         Mr. Muraco has devoted his entire life to law, he has been working as an attorney advising and counseling clients on landlord tenant matters for over 8 years.  He has broad experience working with many different clients including single family owners as well as large management companies.  Mr. Muraco also represents Tenants in cases in which he feels he will be able to get a fair and reasonable outcome.


   Mr. Muraco operated a general practice firm for 5 years however has grown to focus his work on landlord tenant matters, evictions, commercial leasing and purchase and sale transactions of real estate. 


  Mr Muraco has made over 5,000 appearances in over 1000 cases representing both landlords and tenants.  He appears daily in housing court, commercial part 52 and Supreme court in all the boroughs.  There is hardly a situation or circumstance in which Mr. Muraco does not have prior experience.   


Carl J Muraco

         The goal of the firm is to provide a personal, competent and an unwavering client-attorney relationship.  The firm achieves this goal by being selective in the individual clients they agree to represent.  By being selective, the firm 

is able to give personal attention to each client.   Throughout the representation of his clients, Mr. Muraco prides himself in always being "just a phone call away".  He understands that an attorney's role, most importantly, is to further the clients objectives.  This is what sets Mr. Muraco apart from other attorneys because Mr. Muraco knows when to be aggresive and he knows when to hold back.  He makes it a point to get to know each and every one of his clients so that he can be 100% on the same page.  Mr. Muraco works relentlessly and tirelessly until each of his clients' goals are met.

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