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Start an Eviction Today

Call us now to start an Eviction.  Our office prides itself on convenience and transparency.
-If you are extremely busy, everything can be done over the phone as you are not required to appear at the court dates until absolutely neccessary.   
-If you are a hands on type person, you can meet at our office and are encouraged to be at every court appearance.   

As of June 14, 2019; new legislation called the Tenant Protection Act has been enacted drastically changing the rules and procedures required for evictions. 
Further, many many Tenants are entitled to free attorneys provided by the court; YOU should have one too! 

Call Now For Free Consultation 

There are 2 main types of Evictions:  

Non-payment Proceeding: 
this is when a Tenant does not pay rent and has an effective and current lease. 
This type of proceeding requires a 5 day late payment notification and a 14 day rent demand which must be served.
Holdover Proceeding: 
there are a few including lease termination, expired lease, month to month tenant, squatter and/or licensee. 
The most common holdover is when a Tenant does not have a lease in effect and/or the lease has expired; at this point by law the Tenant is now a month to month Tenant and in order to gain legal possession the Landlord must provide a termination notice.    
This type of proceeding requires a  termination notice which depending on length of occupancy requires a 30 day, or a 60 day, or a 90 day notice of termination which must be served upon all occupants.  

Call now for free to discuss your case with an attorney and determine what type of case you are required to bring and you requirements. 



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